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What strikes my mind is Plath's diction in the first introductory lines; she excels on making the words sound like facts with no emotions as if they were uttered by a machine; and that suggest how dismal life was. After that, Plath shifts this short-spoken words with a rather more extended ones to depict a brilliant relationship between the mirror and a wall that 'is pink, with speckles' (l.7). Now that may suggest that there is a sort of a barrier that interposes one's way to gain what s/he is hoping for. And the fact that the persona in this poem states that s/he has 'looked at it so long' (l. 7) suggests a monotony in life to the extent that makes one stares at something for a long time. Now why would anybody stare for that long time? Simply because s/he tries to find a solution or a way out of his/her dilemma. And so interestingly, the mirror starts to develop a relationship with this wall thinking of it as a part of his/her heart but there is an obstacle, it 'flickers'. 'Faces and darkness separate us' (l.9), joining the word faces with darkness indicates that these faces are not happy ones because they separate the mirror from its beloved wall. Moreover, we can go further to say that these faces, which definitely stand for people along with the darkness that we may tie with ignorance, may strand for another barrier that is against all the things that one longs to accomplish in life but fails to attain.

In conclusion, this story of the woman ends as the mirror narrates in a triumphal way declaring that it is 'important to her' (l.15) for she can't resist standing in front of it to find what she really is as suggested previously in (l.11). And 'each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness' (l.16), here is another relationship that exist between the mirror and the woman; this relation portrays how it sees her, and so romantically its darkness is altered by the woman's face. This may also suggest the regularity and the monotony of the process in which she appear. An additional illustration would be the similarity of the woman's days for 'she has drowned a young girl,' in the mirror and 'an old woman' in it (l.17). So we can conclude that the mirror has watched her from the beginning of her life, observing her as she grows to a young woman and observing her as she withers and languishes to an old one.

Her father, Otto Plath, was a professor at Boston University and was also expert with bees.

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Thus, Plath is able to express her feelings as she writes about the nature of poetry itself.

The poem "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath takes us into the thoughts of a woman by presenting the situation from an interesting perspective. The "Mirror" is a poem which incorporates various poetic techniques that are effective in shaping meaning and creating a mood. It features the techniques of personification which give significance to the poem and reflect the poetís life as well as discussing themes such as a womanís role, depression, and the passage of time. It also uses imaginative language that also contributes to the mood, which is dark and emotional.

is the first poem I have read from Sylvia Plath. I like the line dicussing the way the mirror is,"..not cruel. I am truthful-.." We always views our selves truthfully in the morror and face the outside world in nothing but lies. This poem shows how we, ourselves, can be our own best friend. We can cry and face our most darkest fears by ourself. I really like the way she touches apon the idea of how easily we can be fooled to think the "real" world is so much better. The darkness of the poem is what really got me. The line "I am important to her." is very touching. I like how just a simple object can mean a great deal to any person. Not for its materialistic side but its value. The mirror sounds as if it has a job to be there for her, never letting her down with lies.

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The inanimate object of the mirror is portrayed in a sinister way. Whatever it sees, it swallows. It engulfs. Inainimate though it is, Sylvia still gives it powers : 'I meditate'. She gives it a heart : it gazes at the pink speckled wall so long, the wall becomes part of that heart. The rather chilling description of a four-cornered eye further unsettles us; Sylvia tells us this is the shape of the eye of a little god. So the mirror has power and control, but it also has feelings. It misses the pink speckled wall whenever darkness falls or a face comes near : these things 'separate us' - 'us' being the mirror and the wall upon which it meditates. Sylvia seems to describe the interruption of deep thought by unwanted visitors - much as she has described her jealously-guarded submersion into her own thoughts and paranoia elsewhere. Visitors to her thoughts and to the mirror are jarring, they separate her from her heart and the mirror from its wall. What the mirror loves to see and contemplate is the wall ; all else are interruptions which it waits patiently to be over. The indifference of the mirror as it calmly observes all these things is perhaps the most chilling thing of all. But it is clear that it is always waiting to be reunited with its wall - part of its heart. Like Sylvia, the mirror does not wish its private meditations - even on the bland - to be intruded upon and her choice of language shows that.

Plath’s poetry is in essence a vivid blast of emotion that surrounds her during her life.

Plath had drowned her youth in the sink as we all have. Over the years, we dry our faces look into the mirror and see another day go by. It's kind of depressing. But in that same day, someone else will tell us how pretty we look today, so it all comes down to perspective with physical appearance. With poetry, I think it is easy for us to get carried away by passionate words. But it's all just to convey a message and most of all, a feeling.

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"Mirror" was the first Plath poem I ever read. It has stayed with me as one of my favorites, mostly because of it's simplicity. An interesting thing with Plath I have noticed is that reading the title to her poems is absolutely necessary -- she really made them a part of the poem. With "Mirror", if you go straight into reading it, you would probably figure out what she's talking about, but I really love how it just flows from the stark word 'Mirror' to the first line...

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In writing this poem, Plath is but 'old'. Thus, when she describes the reflection being that of 'an old woman', I begin to comprehend what Plath feels and appears to herself. Life was too disrupted by sadness, misfortune, and depression that she feels nothing remains for her to do or that any sense of esteem has wasted. hence, the concept of 'old'; used, weary, exhausted and no sense of renewal within her life.

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It is the second stanza, however, which conveys the self-awareness of Plath. Through the use of the mirror, that is, the reflection concept, Plath is able to describe what she sees in herself. Plath rewards the mirror with tears for she does not like what she sees in herself. Day by day, it is as if Plath looks into the eyes of a 'terrible fish' - a sad, angered, emotionless woman. The use of lines such as 'only truthful', and 'reflect it faithfully', reinforce that Plath is telling the truth of her life and self. She is not in denial but in awareness of who she has become.

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So, the mirror is Plath and Plath is the woman. Each morning while she went to brush her teeth, wash her face, take a shower and all those other personal things we do in the bathroom, she noticed the mirror, but she also realized that the mirror only reflected her own point of view, that it was only truthful to her own eyes. Also, when most of us wake up, we're not exactly looking too great -- by our own standards, at least. We see our hair all messed up, those unwanted approaching wrinkles, we REALLY need to brush our teeth, maybe a pimple snuck up on us in the middle of the night...all these things we see when we first wake up--it's not really that pleasant. So we fill the sink with water, bend over the counter, dunk our hands in it, "search [its] reaches" and "agitate" it a bit to mix around the soap and splash our face with some water. Then, as our face nears the sink of water to rinse off, we notice this very odd image that seems to rise towards us in the sink -- a 'FISH eye' view of our morning "terrible" is that?!

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I am 17 years old and currently taking a college English course. When we were asked to analyze one of the numerous poems we had studied this lesson, I was overjoyed to learn that Sylvia Plath's poem was one of them. I had analyzed this poem before on my own, and I must say that it is perhaps my favourite poem to date.

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chiefly concerns Sylvia Plath's divided self. The reflecting mirror is the self that is deeply depressed, she is in a state of trance, the depression she experiences is almost paralysing her. The woman looking into the mirror is Sylvia as a growing woman, searching for the psychologically healthy self which she knows exists, but isn't quite sure how to surface it(surface it from the depths of the lake, which is a metaphor for the depths of her repressed mind). In her journals Plath revealed that she was aware of her desperate, depressed states, and with the help of her doctor, together with self-disipline she hoped to learn to deal with her negative feelings and morbid thoughts. The woman growing older is Sylvia attempting to handle these emotions.

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