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Again, we seethe value Jane puts on eloquence in conversation.

Their relationship is largely based upon their discourse as Rochesterproclaims toward the end of the novel when he says, "Allthe melody on earth is concentrated in my Jane's tongue to myear" (464).

Jane describeshow the art of conversation is central to their relationship saying,"I knew the pleasure of vexing and soothing him by turns;it was one I chiefly delighted in .

 In the opening scene of Jane Eyre, we immediately see how Janeis suppressed by the Reed family.

Setting The setting is wherever Jane goes.

Reedaccuses Jane of having "a tendency to deceit" (65),in the presence of Mr.

Whilst the story is told through Jane Eyre's eyes looking back nearly ten years of her life, the story is also an impassioned love story between her and Mr.

Reed’s deceit was to her own benefit because she is no longer responsible for a burden, Jane, and can focus on spending her late husband’s wealth while keeping their promise.
Fake Name, Real Family
As Micael Clarke states, “Crushed by Rochester's deception, Jane departs Thornfield, and, after nearly perishing on the moors, is taken in by the Reverend St.

There's Jane Eyre and There's Mr.

Rochester because his starvation for love and of equal intelligence would be fulfilled but Jane would be marrying into a future of problems.
False Reputation
During the beginning of the novel, Jane’s benefactress, Mrs.

Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other Jane Eyre quote.

Not only are good story-telling skillsimportant to Jane Eyre as a the narrator, but they are also importantto Jane Eyre as a character in her own novel.

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Symbols and Motifs There are many motifs that are found in Jane Eyre.

Jane has Fire and Ice in her throughout.

When John Reed findsher and hurls a book at her head, she is forced to go to the "red-room." Jane is immediately blamed without having a chance to give heraccount of the incident.

Jane Eyre as a Feminist Novel Essay - 1992 Words

Brontë uses many themes of Gothic novels to add drama and suspense to . But the novel isn't just a ghost story because Brontë also reveals the behind supernatural events. For instance, ghost in the red-room is a figment of Jane's stressed-out mind, while is the "demon" in Thornfield. In , the effects of the supernatural matter more than the causes. The supernatural allows Brontë to explore her characters' psyches, especially Jane's inner fears. The climactic supernatural moment in the novel occurs when and have a telepathic connection. In the text, Jane makes it clear that the connection was not supernatural to her. Instead, she considers that moment a mysterious spiritual connection. Brontë makes their telepathy part of her conceptions of love and religion.

SparkNotes: Jane Eyre: Important Quotations Explained

Brocklehurst's decision to banish Janefrom all social activities at Lowood and his warning to her classmatesto "avoid her company, exclude her from you sports, shuther out from you converse" (98), Miss Temple invites Janeto defend herself: "when a criminal is accused, he is alwaysallowed to speak in his own defense.

SparkNotes: Jane Eyre: Themes, Motifs & Symbols

In Jane’s childhood, education takes the place of every single one of her emotional and physical needs—food, shelter, family, and friendship.

Because Jane initially learns to understand the world in terms of a teacher-student relationship, all her friendships have some master-pupil tinge to them.

Description and explanation of the major themes of Jane Eyre

Jane's admiration for both Helen andMiss Temple is escalated that same night as she observes themin conversation: "They conversed of things I had never heardof; of nations and times past; of countries far away.

Imagery, metaphor and symbolism in Jane Eyre

Toward the end of the novel we meet Jane's cousins, Diana andMary Rivers, who she also holds in high esteem because, amongother things, "they could always talk; and their discourse,witty, pithy, original, had such charms for me, that I preferredlistening to, and sharing in it, to doing anything else"(420).

Jane Eyre Themes Charlotte Brontë ..

The eloquence which attracts Jane to Rochester is apparent inmany scenes depicting their dialogue as it often becomes difficultto discern who is narrating the story -- Jane or Rochester.

Critics have argued about what comprises the main theme of Jane Eyre

Once theyare married, Jane describes the importance of discourse in theirrelationship when she says, "we talk, I believe, all daylong: to talk to each other is but a more animated and an audiblethinking.

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