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The ethical relativist often argues as follows:

The relativist confuses cultural (or sociological) relativism with ethical relativism, but cultural relativism is a descriptive view and ethical relativism is a prescriptive view.

Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers Consequentialism; Definition; Consequentialism is a normative ethical theory, which means, it is ethical egoism essay conclusion a theory about ethical action and a proposed method for deciding how.

The ethical relativist often derives support for his position by two basic mistakes:

Example: ethical egoism essay conclusion "No reptiles are insects.".

From Nietzsche to Wittgenstein: The Problem of Truth and Nihilism in the Modern World

The Nihilist mentality, in the unity of its underlying aim, is single; but this mentality manifests itself in phenomena as diverse as the natures of the men who share it. The single Nihilist cause is thus advanced on many fronts simultaneously, and its enemies are confused and deceived by this effective tactic. To the careful observer, however, Nihilist phenomena reduce themselves to three or four principal types, and these few types are, further, related to each other as stages in a process which may be called the Nihilist dialectic. One stage of Nihilism opposes itself to another, not to combat it effectively, but to incorporate its errors into its own program and carry mankind one step further on the road to the Abyss that lies at the end of all Nihilism. The arguments at each stage, to be sure, are often effective in pointing out certain obvious deficiencies of a preceding or succeeding stage; but no criticism is ever radical enough to touch on the common errors all stages share, and the partial truths which are admittedly present in all forms of Nihilism are in the end only tactics to seduce men to the great falsehood that underlies them all.

The whole food of Christian Truth, however, is accessible only to faith; and the chief obstacle to such faith is not logic, as the facile modern view has it, but another and opposed faith. We have seen indeed, that logic cannot deny absolute truth without denying itself, the logic that sets itself up against the Christian Revelation is merely the servant of another "revelation," of a false "absolute truth": namely Nihilism.

At its most extreme interpretation a form of moral nihilism arises.

Further, if the age since the French Revolution is the first one in which Nihilism has played the central role, each of its stages has been represented in earlier centuries. Liberalism, for example, is a direct derivative of Renaissance Humanism; Realism was an important aspect of the Protestant Reformation as well as of the French Enlightenment; a kind of Vitalism appeared in Renaissance and Enlightenment occultism and again in Romanticism; and the Nihilism of Destruction, while never so thorough as it has been for the past century, has existed as a temptation for certain extremist thinkers throughout the modern age.

The Literary Evolution of Nihilism and Chaos in Modernism and Postmodernism

"Naive realism," or "naturalism," does not precisely deny absolute truth, but rather makes absolute claims of its own that cannot be defended. Rejecting any "ideal" or "spiritual" absolute, it claims the absolute truth of "materialism" and "determinism." This philosophy is still current in some circles--it is official Marxist doctrine and is expounded by some unsophisticated scientific thinkers in the West but the main current of contemporary thought has left it behind, and it seems today the quaint relic of a simpler, but bygone, day, the Victorian day when many transferred to "science" the allegiance and emotions they had once devoted to religion. It is the impossible formulation of a "scientific" metaphysics--impossible because science is, by its nature, knowledge of the particular, and metaphysics is knowledge of what underlies the particular and is presupposed by it. It is a suicidal philosophy in that the "materialism" and "determinism" it posits render all philosophy invalid; since it must insist that philosophy, like everything else, is "determined," its advocates can only claim that their philosophy, since it exists, is "inevitable," but not at all that it is "true.' This philosophy, in fact, if consistent, would do away with the category of truth altogether; but its adherents, innocent of thought that is either consistent or profound, seem unaware of this fatal contradiction. The contradiction may be seen, on a less abstract level, in the altruistic and idealistic practice of, for example, the Russian Nihilists of the last century, a practice in flagrant contradiction of their purely materialistic and egoistic theory; Vladimir Solovyov cleverly pointed out this discrepancy by ascribing to them the syllogism, "Man is descended from. monkey, consequently we shall love one another."

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Moral nihilism essay - Garage Door Remotes | Gate …

Compare and contrast ethical relativism Essay - 508 Words

This philosophical doctrine is historically ubiquitous, particularly with the Nihilist Movement, one of Imperial Russia’s Great Reforms, and the growing apostasy and atheism of postmodernity; both instances aptly highlight the abandonment of virtue, individual and societal....

Moral nihilism and skepticism essay

Blackburn argues a quasi-realist, pragmatic view that moral disagreements can lead to conflict, and he believes moral relativists cannot resolve moral conflict.

professional essay on Exotic Dancing and Moral Nihilism

We can use the example given by Bendz – the Holocaust – as an illustration of this. Political values, including the freedom of six million people to live their own lives free from murderous governments, are necessary because they provide an adequate “context for fulfilling our material, spiritual and social needs” (David Kelley, “Logical Structure of Objectivism”, p81). It is moral for us to seek governments which ensure individual rights because such governments provide the context by which our lower values can be effected.

free essay on Relativism versus Ethical Absolutism

He then gives the example of evolution as a morally dubious fact. Of course, Bendz himself does not contend that evolution is morally dubious, since he is a moral subjectivist, but I doubt he thinks that evolution is morally dubious even from an objective perspective. It is therefore hard to understand why he chose it as an example: it is certainly not justifiable. To equate evolution with moral duty commits the naturalistic fallacy as much as Bendz’ own subjectivist position.

2) “Ontology, Metaphysics, Ethics and Nihilism. Essay …

Every man, as we have seen, lives by faith; likewise every man--something less obvious but no less certain--is a metaphysician. The claim to any knowledge whatever--and no living man can refrain from this claim--implies a theory and standard of knowledge, and a notion of what is ultimately knowable and true. This ultimate truth, whether it be conceived as the Christian God or simply as the ultimate coherence of things, is a metaphysical first principle, an absolute truth. But with the acknowledgement, logically unavoidable, of such a principle, the theory of the "relativity of truth" collapses, it itself being revealed as a self-contradictory absolute.

Compare and contrast ethical relativism Essay - 508 …

Nihilism is also a characteristic that has been ascribed to time periods: for example, Baudrillard has called postmodernity a nihilistic epoch, and some Christian theologians and figures of authority assert that...

SL4: Re: ESSAY: Forward Moral Nihilism

Furthermore, he is making a false dichotomy between moral statements and factual statements. This dichotomy could only exist if moral subjectivism was true, but in reality moral statements are factual, given that they are deduced from the facts of reality. The necessity of political freedom, for example, is a fact of reality – we do need a political system that promotes individual rights in order to be able to effect our other values – and therefore is as factual as any scientific statement, for example.

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